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In November 2007, APCA achieved a long sought after goal. Ten years previously, we requested some land on which to build the new kennels we so desperately need to house all the dogs that are now crowded onto the land originally built for 25 dogs. After a year of serious negotiations, the Camara Municipal de Sintra finally granted APCA the use of some 12000m² of land situated in the industrial area of Albarraque and just five minutes away from the current kennel. We have been granted the use of this land for fifty years.

We have submitted the proposal for a new kennel building to the Camara and are currently awaiting final approval. The proposed project is based on an infrastructure already in use by the German Association, Pro-Animale and has been used by several European associations.

The new kennel is to be built for 160 dogs who will live in excellent conditions. It will have a veterinary clinic, a boarding kennel for dogs, an animal shop and an area for recreation. The kennel will be divided into large areas with eight resident dogs in each. There will be a quarantine area for new dogs and an exclusive area for mothers and puppies. Each area will have a covered space together with an open area so that each dog can exercise on a daily basis.

The kennel's complete project:

The kennel will be served by a new road, due to be constructed soon, making it very accessible. However, we are still in phase one of the project which requires us to raise a minimum of €650,000 to build the kennel. In order to raise these funds, we need the support of fundraisers, volunteers, anyone in the building trade, materials and donations. If you would like to assist us in the building of the kennels, please contact us.

We illustrate here the image of the kennel entrance and would ask you to help us make this not a dream but a reality:


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