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We would like to thank all the entities that have given us support as well as all the publishings and websites that support our work.

We would like to make a very special thank to W/Portugal and all its team for all the support, for renovating our image, for the extraordinary campaigns made for us and for all the love they have for animals. It's a very special company that deserves all possible recognition.

The following institutions cooperate with us:

Câmara Municipal de Sintra
A special thank to Verador Luis Patrício for his hard work in order to make APCA receive a land to construct its new kennel and to the municipal veterinary Dr. Alexandra Pereira for all the support to the abandoned dogs cause.
Junta de Freguesia de São Pedro de Penaferrim
Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria e São Miguel

The following veterinary clinics cooperate with us:

Clínica Veterinária de Sintra
Rua Ulysses Alves Nº 7
2710-626 Sintra
Telf: 21 924 36 15

Clínica Veterinária de Mem-Martins
Rua Bento Gonçalves, lote 17
2725-239 Mem-Martins
Telf: 21 921 72 42

O Jardim da Bicharada
Rua Francisco Ribeiro Spinola, lote 77, loja 2
2742 - 872 Massamá
Telf: 21 438 29 58

Our heart felt thank to all of them for the love and dedication they devote to the dogs that we receive at our kennel that, inspite of being abandoned, receive all the best possible treatments.

The following companies also cooperate with us:


We want to thank all our members, dog sponsors and friends for giving us all their support and enabling us to do our work.

At last we want to thank and honor our amazing volunteer group that give us their free time and help us with this gigantic task of helping abandoned dogs.

Without all of you it would be impossible to do our work. Our sincere Thank You!

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