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Volunteers are always needed at the APCA kennels and we welcome anyone with any free time, be it for a few hours a month or a day a week. If you would like to help a much needed cause and are happy to give a little of your time, please consider volunteering for any of the following activities :

  • Cleaning the kennels
  • Spending time with the dogs, showing them the affection very few of them have experienced
  • Grooming the dogs
  • Walking the dogs
  • Acting as a receptionist at the door of the kennels
  • Taking the dogs to the vets
  • Collecting donated food
  • Participating in campaigns for adoption
  • Collecting goods for the charity shop


If you are considering helping in the kennels, you need to consider whether you are psychologically prepared to do so. Many of the dogs have been treated brutally and are both sad and fearful of humans. A significant number of them are resigned to a lonely fate while others are desperate for any form of human contact. Since the kennel is overcrowded, many of the dogs are in open areas so it certainly helps if you are not naturally fearful of dogs. However, your reward will be endless amounts of affection and gratitude for any attention or human companionship that you can offer.

For volunteer work in the kennels, please come along in the first instance on a Saturday and bring some waterproof clothes, Wellingtons and be prepared for as much hard work as you can manage! You will need to complete a short Volunteer form, available here. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need a letter of authorisation from a guardian to confirm that they are happy for you to do volunteer work.


Again, just a few hours of your time or advice would be gratefully welcomed.

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Help us with the abandoned dogs cause. Your donation is very important to the continuity of our work.
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