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If you are unable to adopt a dog yet would like to offer some help to all the dogs looking for loving homes, there is an alternative, very important role that you can play. This is "godparenting", in which you sponsor a dog. In the So Pedro de Sintra kennels, with 180 dogs, it is not possible to walk every dog nor is there time available to provide the dogs with the love and tenderness they would dearly like. What we therefore encourage is for individuals, groups, businesses or families to make a commitment to one dog for a period of three months, six months, one year or until such time as they are adopted. During that time, the godparent is encouraged to do as much as he/she is able to for example :

  • Personal involvement such as walking the dog, grooming the dog
  • Attempting to find a permanent home through methods such as advertising in vets/magazines/pet shops/internet sites etc
  • A mandatory financial contribution. Each dog costs APCA a minimum of 30 per month and a minimum contribution from a godparent should be at least 10 per month.
  • Optional financial assistance with the costs of neutering/spaying, vaccines, defleaing, grooming or any medical expenses that may arise

If you choose to sponsor as a family, business or group, we would request that the name of one individual is submitted for communication purposes. There are certain restrictions to "godparenting" which are that dogs cannot be taken away for weekends or holidays as we have found that it is simply too difficult emotionally for them to be returned to the kennel where they will pine for their "godparent".

All sponsored dogs still remain for adoption. If they are adopted, the godparent is informed and can chose another dog.


Selecting your chosen dog

Dogs can be selected either via the internet or by visiting the kennels. You will no doubt empathise with the fact that puppies are easily found homes and we therefore encourage our godparents to foster those dogs that have a much lesser chance of leaving the kennels. These include the adult dogs, the female dogs, those that show evidence of having been severely mistreated and the sick ones. Alternatively, you can provide us with a profile of the type of dog you would like to foster and we can make a selection for you.


Application Form

The godparenting application form is available here, please print and complete it and send it to us together with either :

  • A cheque payable to Associacao de Proteccao aos Caes Abandonados or
  • Bank transfer to Banco Esprito Santo, NIB 0007 0207 0005 3960 009 97, IBAN: PT50 0007 0207 0005 3960 0099 7, SWIFT/BIC: BESCPTPL. If you send a bank transfer, please email confirmation of the transfer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Paying directly at our kennel at Rua do Canil, 8, 2710-477 So Pedro de Sintra.

Please send the application form and the payment to:

Associao de Proteco aos Ces Abandonados
Apartado 91
2711-901 Sintra

Please note that your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you advise us that you wish to cancel.

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Help us with the abandoned dogs cause. Your donation is very important to the continuity of our work.
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